2017 Porch Light Project



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Did you know that there are many areas around the St. Louis Region that are not properly lighted?  Studies show that providing areas with adequate lighting will deter crime and make residents feel comfortable walking around their neighborhood.



What is the Porch Light Project?
This is a Do It Yourself engagement project that brings together members of the community to distribute energy efficient light bulbs in their area to light up the neighborhood and promote public safety. We send you the process and you complete the project, its simple and fun to do.

2017 Porch Light Project

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We will send you our Manual and train you on how to make the Porch Light Project successful in your neighborhood. 

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On May 20th, 2017 we mobilized over 200 volunteers to distribute 3,000 energy efficient light bulbs in 15 neighborhoods around the St. Louis Region. The year prior we partnered up with Urban League St. Louis to bring together over 10 organizations, a dozen police officers and over 30 students to distribute 1,000 energy efficient light bulbs to residents in the Walnut Park Neighborhood in North City. These projects have been a huge success and have been featured in the St. Louis Post Dispatch, KSDK News Channel 5, Nine Network and several other news sources.